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Online Technology Help

The average user doesn’t realize that 90% of all issues can be resolved by techs sending them a link which allows remote control of their pc and fixing problems at 1/3 of the cost.

Website Services

We build professional and modern websites in addition to hosting. If you already have a website and just want to make edits we can do that as well.

Custom App Builders

Maybe nothing in the market suits your needs. We can create custom website and mobile applications at affordable cost.

We have a reputation for rapid expert support and amazing delivery of custom application. See the difference between tech professionals and techprofessionals who can communicate with individuals at any technical level.

Have a pre service or solutions question? We have taken the time to answer most of what you would want to know .

We have great reviews for a reason!

Why Choose Us?

1. Fast and Flexible

We’re dedicated to achieving complete satisfaction to all of our customers.

Over 25 years of combined experience with leading business solutions to provide simple answers to complex customer challenges.

2. Dedication

We’re dedicated to achieving complete satisfaction for every one of our customers. With 25 years of combined experience with leading solutions to provide simple answers to complex challenges we are here for our clients.

3. Innovation

Our innovative, high-quality results stem from looking towards the future when creating websites, applications or mobile designs. Our creative experiences in this area gives us a clear understanding of the challenges the client could be facing and what questions we need to ask our customers.

4. Priority

At Online Computer Aid, we believe in giving you the best service and solution possible. This culture is evident in our range of clients.

Every client is of value, so whether your needs are a computer maintenance service or a unique Apple App interface we treat you with the same respect and priority.

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